Red Siam

In 2010, when Thailand was erupting in violence, following a serious clash between anti and pro-government groups, Pichayada went to witness the situation and produced this radio documentary to explore the cause that set afire the previously-peaceful Land of Smiles.
The Complaints Choirs

It might not be so enjoyable to hear people complain. But the Birmingham Complaints Choir has managed to turn whinging into songs, as countries around the world are increasinly joining the fashion.
Disco Health Club

Exercise might not be so boring if it takes place in a nightclub. Follow Pichayada to the Disco Health Club in London and dance away, as disco is making a comeback with a healthy twist.
Google Limits Free News Access

Google has launched the First Click Free programme to restrict free news access on Google News, following attacks by newspaper publishers. Find out how people think about Google's very move.
Pichayada Promchertchoo began her experience in radio production in 2009, when she took an MA Journalism course at the University of Westminster in London.

She has considerable skills in producing engaging radio documentaries, news packages and features, and is proficient in operating various audio editing software e.g. Adobe Audition, Cool Edit Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Audacity, GarageBand and Burli.

She is also capable of running the radio control room, presenting news bulletins and conducting phone interviews.