Behind the Siamese Smile

Millions of tourists in Thailand have fallen in love with its elephants. However, not so many people are aware of the abuse they suffer. Discover the shocking truth about Thailand's elephant tourist trade in Behind the Siamese Smile, where a tale of torture unfolds.
Passing Clouds

Fed up with the present day commercialism, a group of people from different countries gather to build what they believe is a better way of living. They created a place called Passing Clouds in Hackney, east London, to introduce a more communal and responsible lifestyle.
Golden Bones

Former US Ambassador to the UN Sichan Siv talks to Pichayada about his journey from the Khmer Rouge's Killing Fields in Cambodia to a new life in America, through his book, Golden Bones.
Budget dining

During the 2009 economic crisis, the restaurant industry saw the biggest fall in revenue. While high-end eateries in London were hit the hardest, all-you-can-eat restaurants were seen thriving, as people changed to budget dining.

The Floating Market of Amphawa

Follow Pichayada to one of Thailand's most famous floating markets and explore its well-preserved culture as well as fresh seafood, prepared and served right from the boat.
This Morning in Thailand

Start your morning with Pichayada in This Morning in Thailand. Get up to date on current affairs both in Thailand and abroad, from politics to business, social issues, sports and entertainment.
Pichayada Promchertchoo has a bag full of skills and experience in the TV industry, including two years of reporting experience while serving as a TV presenter and reporter.

Besides presenting news bulletins and delivering live reports on location, she also hosted many TV programmes, covering international affairs, politics, business and entertainment.

Apart from working in front of the camera, Pichayada is also proficient in video production, from filming to editing in Final Cut Pro.

Her documentary Behind the Siamese Smile was recently selected as the ‘Film of the Week’ winner for the Once A Week Film Festival, and chosen to screen at an international short film festival in Germany.

Currently, she is freelancing as a video journalist, with a very good knowledge of post-production and capabilities to produce engaging, high-quality TV documentaries, news packes and features.