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Day of the Dead

Join in the Day of the Dead festival, where families and friends gather to remember their loved ones who have passed away. If you missed the 2009 celebration at the British Museum, click here to get a glimpse of the activities and, of course, many tasty Mexican dishes.
Pichayada Promchertchoo has a bag full of skills and experience in the TV industry, including two years of reporting experience while serving as a TV presenter and reporter.

Besides presenting news bulletins and delivering live reports on location, she also hosted many TV programmes, covering international affairs, politics, business and entertainment.

Apart from working in front of the camera, Pichayada is also proficient in video production, from filming to editing in Final Cut Pro.

Her documentary Behind the Siamese Smile was recently selected as the ‘Film of the Week’ winner for the Once A Week Film Festival, and chosen to screen at an international short film festival in Germany.

Currently, she is freelancing as a video journalist, with a very good knowledge of post-production and capabilities to produce engaging, high-quality TV documentaries, news packes and features.
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